One-Way Teens


In a world full of many ways, choices, and possible turns we aim to help our teens go ONE WAY, God’s. We encourage them to not make a U-Turn away from God, or to turn out of God’s way by turning to the left hand or right hand. Our desire is to aid parents in pointing their teens to Christ.


We offer a 10:00am Bible study class, taught by a seasoned couple, where your teens can make new friends, enjoy fellowship, games, and learn valuable and relevant life lessons from God’s Word.


During our Family Growth Hour on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm teens aged 13-18 year olds attend a fun class designed to help them grow in their knowledge of God and build strong friendship with others their age. They also practice singing as a group and periodically present songs in our Sunday 11:00am worship service.

In addition to the weekly programs, our teens enjoy regularly scheduled activities, usually on Friday evenings. These activities include dinner, a fun activity and short bible lesson.


Each summer we take our teens to Northern California where they attend a week long Bible camp. Camp is filled with wonderful and fun activities and sports. It bears a strong emphasis on healthy team competition and is marked by morning and evening chapel times.